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lofico polaroid giveaway

We are giving away one of these true Polaroid classics this month – the Polaroid Land 1000 OneStep Camera! This simple, plastic bodied camera was an entry level Polaroid camera in the 1970s – it takes SX-70 film. Its cute looks and sheer simplicity makes it a true retro Polaroid icon!

We have recently salvaged one of these and run a pack of TIP film through it with no problems. The camera is in great condition, and we will also throw in a pack of the new The Impossible Project PX70 Color Shade film so you can jump right into some Polaroid shooting action!

To be in the running for this Polaroid Giveaway there are just a few simple steps:

1. Join our newly added lofico flickr group – a flickr group dedicated to lofi photography in Australia/New Zealand

2. Submit a photo to our flickr group – we welcome all lo-fi photographs shot by film or any toy camera, and of course Polaroid!

3. We will pick a winner by the end of the giveaway period!

We intend to choose a winner before the end of August.

Thank you for those who have already submitted their photos to our group, you are already in the running for this classic Polaroid Land 1000 OneStep camera! We hope our flickr group will become a place where you can share photos, exchange tips/tricks and find a lot of useful information about photography in Australia & New Zealand.

Good luck!

NEW UPDATE – 19/08/2011 – winners announced!
Our Flickr page is truly alive and kicking thanks to all those that participated and shared a photo in our group!
Over a hundred users have joined and over four hundred photos have been shared since we started the group and this Polaroid Camera giveaway. We are happy to announce the winner of this competition!

Congratulations to murphyeppoon, the winner of this competition who will receive the Polaroid 1000 one step sx-70 camera and a pack of Impossible Project PX-70 film!

We also drew and will give away three additional bonus prizes – each of these winners will receive one of these Adam Elmakias Lens Bracelets. Congratulations to agrippinamaiors, milk&miel and scott_aus for picking up this prize that is not yet made available in our store – but is a sign of things to come very soon! :)

Winners will be contacted shortly via Flickr! Thanks to all who participated and hope you will keep sharing photos and ideas on our Flickr page!

We are very thankful of your support for our launch of The Impossible Project film at our store. It is one of the projects we admire that has truly saved literally millions of Polaroid cameras from becoming just a display item or under the drawer somewhere and be forgotten forever. To show our appreciation we are releasing our very own Polaroid Film Collection for grabs over the coming weeks! We have in our collection a very limited range of Polaroid films good for a variety of Polaroid camera models.

  • Polaroid 600 Integral Film
  • Polaroid Spectra System Film
  • Polaroid 664 Film
  • Polaroid 669 Film
  • Polaroid 672 Film
  • Polaroid 690 Film

Stay tuned as we release them at Our Ebay Store in the coming weeks!



the impossible project film

When the last Polaroid factory closed in June 2008 it signalled what looked like a certain end to the era of instant cameras and the much loved Polaroid cameras created by Edwin Land that first began production in the late 1940′s.

This sad ending to such an iconic camera would have played out if it had not been for a bunch of Polaroid and film enthusiast’s drive to team up with ex-Polaroid employees to create The Impossible Project – a project dedicated to bringing instant film for Polaroid cameras back to life.

The tools they had to work with were few and limited – the last few pieces of machinery (some destroyed) and remaining (mostly missing) chemicals from the last Polaroid factory which they had purchased. Their hard work and venture paid off; a new chapter to the Polaroid legacy was born.

Today we bring to you three versions of The Impossible Project (TIP) film – two are suitable for use with Polaroid Type 600 cameras, and one is suitable for use with Polaroid SX-70 cameras. Each packet produces 8 photos!

For Polaroid Type 600 cameras:

For Polaroid SX-70 cameras:

Follow these steps to get the most out of this film:

  1. 1.) Shield image immediately from light upon ejection from camera.
  2. 2.) Let it develop shielded from light for 4 minutes.
  3. 3.) Stay patient!
  4. 4.) Turn over and enjoy! -Please allow the Color Shade Images to take their time to exhibit the best results. The quality will improve even days after the moment was captured!

Check out the PX680, PX/PZ Silver Shade or PX70 Color Shade flickr groups for more photos! Happy snappings!

holga lenses for canon/nikon slr/dslr

Introducing Holga lenses for Nikon and Canon SLR/dSLR cameras! Now you can get the classic Holga look even on your SLR cameras!

These little beauties are made to mount onto Nikon and Canon SLR cameras. Today we bring two different types to our collection: the normal Holga lens as well as the Holga Pinhole lens!

The normal Holga lens comes with the classic design similar to what you would get from the Holga film cameras. The ones we are stocking are the newly March 2011 revised edition, which produce a more Holga look.

Check them out!

These new additions mark one of our first items that are not related to film. We will be working more towards bringing a wider selection of photography related products!

We’ve just added a few cool items to our shop. First off is the Fujifilm Instax Wide 210 Camera! This instant camera shoots photos that are much larger in size… twice the size of the Instax Minis! It has many useful functions for a full experience of instant photography… Check it out at our store: Fujifilm Instax Wide 210 Camera and don’t forget to grab a few twin packs of Instax Wide film!

We’ve also stocked up on a larger range of 120 and 135 film!

We have now added these to our collection of 35mm film:

  • Rollei Retro 400S – B&W 35mm Film
  • Rollei Retro 100 Tonal – B&W 35mm Film
  • Rollei Retro 80S – B&W 35mm Film
  • Rollei Ortho 25 – B&W 35mm Film
  • Kodak T-Max P3200 – B&W 35mm Film
  • Fujifilm Provia 100F ISO100 35mm Slide Film
  • Fujifilm Acros ISO100 B&W 35mm Film

And we have just added these to our 120 film collection:

  • Rollei Retro 400S – B&W 120 Film
  • Rollei Retro 100 Tonal – B&W 120 Film
  • Rollei Retro 80S – B&W 120 Film
  • Rollei Ortho 25 – B&W 120 Film
  • Fujifilm Velvia 50 ISO50 120 Slide Film

Thanks to all your continued support, please check out our store to see the full collection in case you have missed any of our previous updates. We’re hoping you are enjoying the process of shooting different types film and getting wonderful results! That’s all for now!

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