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Some of you will have noticed we haven’t had an update for some time.. Do not fret, because we’re back with more to offer than ever before!

When you click into our ‘Online Shop’, you will be redirected to our new store with loads of film restocked, and new products in our collection. Otherwise simply click here to follow the link directly to our new store.

We hope you will enjoy the new shopping experience and we have lots more planned in store in the near future. Thank you for your continued support!

Can you believe it has been more than two years now since we first started up as a tiny eBay store?

Over this period we have built up a big list of products that haven’t made it onto our shop for one reason or another.

We want to make space for a bigger range and more stockpiles of items for the upcoming exciting 2013 – so help us out by clearing it out!

For $15 we’ll dig into this bag and send you a bunch of assorted goodies – stuff is limited – first come first serve!

Check out this page to participate! – we’re putting this on hold – thanks to all that participated! For those that missed out, we’ll be sure to hold another in the near future!

We are currently working on a small side project that tracks online prices for cameras and lenses.

Check out Lofico Spot and give us your feedback!

We’re trialling a new option now available to our shop – Express Postage! Select the “Australia – Express Post” option at the cart page.

Adding $4 to the total will now see your items shipped out via Express post for the peace of mind of those last minute shoppers.

Please still allow up to one business day for orders to be processed.

At lofico we have always been fascinated by the unique style of lofi photography. While we are mostly obsessed with film and toy cameras, we have recently come across a few very interesting digital products that come quite close to producing an authentic experience of analog lo-fi photography.

Here are some of the exciting new lofi products we have in store:

  • Minimo-X Digital OMO Camera
  • Superheadz CLAP (available in Black, White, Orange & Blue)
  • Superheadz Necono Camera
  • Superheadz Digital Harinezumi 2+++
  • Wanderlust Pinwide Lens for Micro Four Thirds Digital Cameras

They are all not the usual digital camera you would expect – the Minimo-X can be hooked to your keychain, the CLAP is just about the size of a USB thumb drive, the Necono is a camera shaped like a cat (no joke!), the Digital Harinezumi resembles somewhat like the traditional 110 film cartridge, and the Pinwide allows you to create pinhole-like images AND videos on your Micro Four Thirds Camera!

These items all shout awesomeness and will guarantee fun and enjoyment. Check them out in our store – we hope you’ll like them!

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